Simplify CloudLab
Simplify CloudLab

Build, manage, and share your virtual environments quickly and easily for sales demos, QA testing, and training.

What is Simplify CloudLab?

Simplify CloudLab is a tool that allows you to build, manage, and share your virtual environments quickly and easily for Business Application Testing, Sales Demos, Training and more.

Scalable solution for virtual labs in the cloud.

The cloud promises cost savings over buying hardware and hiring infrastructure experts to maintain it. However, hiring and training staff to take advantage of complex cloud technology is a major challenge. CloudLab makes it easier to build and automate test infrastructure which saves you time.

  • Create software test environments with a visual designer
  • Share as many copies of your environment as you like
  • CloudLab works in Simplify Cloud – Hybrid Cloud – Public Cloud Implementations
  • Automate your development and test efforts
  • Create disposable development environments
  • Simplify support for custom configurations
  • Easily setup a test matrix
  • Business Application QA Testing
  • Training Platforms for global product training
CloudLab integrates directly with AWS to schedule your servers to run only when you need them, and not a second longer.

How Simplify CloudLab Saves Your Team Time and Money

Any organization doing software development for internal business use or commercial resale can reduce expense and shorten the time to production using our new technology – Simplify CloudLab.

Reduce Expense

Developers, testing engineers, and QA engineers will create a test environment in the public cloud (AWS or AZURE) to develop and test software. These teams will leave the test environment running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and most of the time completely forget to ever turn it off. The company’s AWS or AZURE monthly expenses skyrocket over time. Simplify CloudLab will automatically shutdown test environments not being used. It will also allow users to schedule when to turn off and turn on test environments.

Shorten Time to Production

Developers, test engineers, and QA engineers need to create multiple test environments to properly test new features and do regression testing to make sure previous versions and integration to 3rd party applications continue to work. Typically many departments in the IT organization need to create these test environments. Servers, Mail Servers, Database Servers, Firewalls, Networks, and more need to be setup and configured. It can take weeks or months to create multiple test environments waiting on personnel, hardware, operating system upgrades, etc. Simplify CloudLab allows one person to create multiple test environments in minutes and share it with team members.

Software Development

Create environments for continuous integration of your software projects. Easily deploy your source code to various stages from testing to production. Expose a public IP for your application so your team can review. Automate everything with CloudLab API's.

Software Development

“I can spin up a copy of Manage, say 2019.2, and apply subsequent updates one by one to determine when a particular bug was introduced. Then I can snapshot the environment and hand it off to a developer for troubleshooting.”

Software Testing & QA

“CloudLab allows us to cut out hours and hours of setup for something that takes only a few minutes to test.”

Software Testing & QA

Quickly get your test workloads running in the cloud. Get started testing on the public cloud without the complexity. Take advantage of our cloud automation to start testing economically.

Training Labs

Share environments with your team. Save snapshots of multiple versions of your environments for support, training, or for testing upgrades. Spin up multiple copies of an environment for a true hands-on training class.

Training Labs

“We have been able to expand the technologies that we provide training for and our trainees come out of training so much better prepared than ever before.”

Sales Demos

“Speed of Light Media help desk is always responsive and always gets right back to me when I have questions. They have been a great help.”

Sales Demos & Proof of Concepts

Use virtual environments to demo new products, services, and features to your customers. Create a unique environment for each sales person, vertical market, or even for each product.

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