Simplify CloudLab

Create test environments with a visual designer

Get started with cloud testing easily with the visual designer. You can use Simplify CloudLab's designer to graphically lay out your testing environment. Quickly move your test environments over to the cloud to scale your testing efforts.

Share copies of your environments

Once you have designed your application's environment, you save it as an App. Run new, isolated copies of your application easily. Use running copies to test updates to your applications, track down bugs, or build documentation. Use copies for large scale testing across teams. Start Copies and drive them with automation software or load balancing tools. Set up reusable tailored demos of your applications to clients and management.

Use Copies to create new Apps

Running applications can be changed to set up test data, upgrade your software, add or update servers, etc. Set up demonstration environments configured with test data. Snapshot Copies and turn them into new Apps. Once the Copies are Apps, they can be started, shared, and reused.

Start building a catalog of Apps and unleash the potential of your testing teams and the cloud.

Your servers and your data

We have no access to your applications, code, or servers. Simplify CloudLab layers on top of your existing AWS account and provides tools and automation to help you with your cloud testing efforts.



The cloud promises cost savings over buying hardware and hiring infrastructure experts to maintain it. However, hiring and training staff to take advantage of complex cloud technology is a major challenge. Simplify makes it easier to build and automate test infrastructure and saves you time.


Copies are exact replicas of the App that you have configured. Run and tailor Copies for different testing and demonstration purposes. Work in isolated environments without worrying about interfering with other Copies.

Save Time

Build your test environments quickly and get results faster. Spend less time setting up infrastructure and more time on your products.

Save Money

Save money by giving your servers back to Amazon when you don't need them. Simplify CloudLab saves you money by making it easy to run test environments only as they are needed. Use the snapshotting feature to capture your test environments and turn them off when not in use. CloudLab pays for itself.

Automate your development and test efforts

Create disposable development environments

Share infrastructure as eaily as you share code. Define your application's servers, networks and security once and share it with your entire team. Run complete environments and tear them down as necessary. Run test environments only during the hours that they are needed. Turn environments off to maximize cloud savings. Simplify CloudLab allows you to do all of this without diverting time away from development or testing.

Simplify support for custom configurations

Testing teams often struggle with keeping track of custom or rare setups. Customers often have special needs and unusual environments that can make regression testing a challenge. Simplify CloudLab allows you to define these environments and configure everything into an App. Start Copies of that preserved setup, run your tests on it, and use it to verify your software before delivering it to your customers.

Easily set up a test matrix

Your applications change over time, but don't forget about everything else. Software runs across different operating systems, browser versions, client workstations, etc. Customers often demand that you support multiple previous versions of everything they use. Create a full test matrix across every variable that changes and save them each as Apps. Define many different combinations of environments with Simplify CloudLab. Power them off until you need them.

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