Simplify Cloud
Simplify Cloud

Versatile Student / Instructor Training and Collaboration in the Cloud. We make it simple for teachers or department managers to create custom environments.

What is Speed of Light Media’s Simplify Cloud Training?

The Simplify Cloud Training product allows companies to create a multitude of virtual server/workstation environments in the cloud for teacher/student classrooms or for different departments to collaborate. We make it simple for teachers or department managers to create custom environments in a matter of minutes without having to request Cloud Engineers or Architects to get involved. Once the environment is created, the user can save the environment in the template library to access anytime or create multiple new environments based on the original.

Classroom - A teacher can create a virtual environment with multiple servers/workstations and operating systems for each student. The teacher can view each students virtual environments separately to see how they are progressing and even take control of the keyboard to show students how to do a task.

Collaboration – department managers can create custom virtual environments with multiple servers/workstations/devices to demonstrate new software features, QA testing, internal or external training, and proof-of-concepts. The manager can invite other internal or external users to view the virtual environment and collaborate.

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