Create and share virtual environments easily and securely in the cloud

Simplify CloudLab is a tool that allows you to build, manage, and share your virtual environments quickly and easily for Sales Demos, QA Testing, Internal Training, and more.

Sales Demos

Use virtual environments to demo new products, services, and features to your customers. Create a unique environment for each sales person, vertical market, or even for each product.

Unleash your Testing

Quickly get your test workloads running in the cloud. Get started testing on the public cloud without the complexity. Take advantage of our cloud automation to start testing economically.

Training and Support

Share environments with your team. Save snapshots of multiple versions of your environments for support, training, or for testing upgrades. Spin up multiple copies of an environment for a true hands-on training class.

Visual Infrastructure Designer

Lay out your virtual environments easily with the visual App Designer. Lay out your application's network topology, servers and data and deploy it with a single click to the cloud.

Share Environments

Application environments are made up of networks, servers, data volumes and more. The environments are stored in a bundle called an App. Once you have defined and configured the software on them, you can share the Apps with your coworkers.

Run many Copies

Once you have defined and configured your Apps, you can run as many copies as you need. Use them for:
  • Manual and Automated testing
  • Demo environments for customers
  • Performance and load testing
  • Train and support multiple versions and configurations
  • Red Team / Blue Team security training


Don't just take our word for it... Here are some first hand comments in the videos below from some of our top power users with areas of expertise in Software Testing, Internal Training, Sales Demos, and Security Training.
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